Movement Day 2021: Reaching cities with the hope of God’s Word

3 ways to pray for the expansion of Bible-based Trauma Healing across cities

What would happen if church, marketplace, and nonprofit leaders from various denominational, socio-economic, and cultural backgrounds unite to reach their city with the gospel of Jesus?

This question inspires Movement Day: an initiative that has gathered and trained over 45,000 city leaders across 95 countries since its launch in 2010.

Through one-day to three-day events, Movement Day seeks to accelerate gospel movements through city-wide equipping gatherings. These events inspire gospel-centered solutions for stubborn issues riddling major metropolitan areas. These solutions address issues of crime, poverty, apathy, as well as educational and employment challenges affecting cities across the U.S. and around the world. Through its convening and training might, Movement Day stirs trained and motivated leaders to share God’s love through practical solutions in their city—from New York City, Nairobi, Sydney, and London to Hong Kong and beyond.

Bible-Based Trauma Healing Reaches Cities across the United States

On October 22, 2021, American Bible Society will launch the expansion of its Bible-based Trauma Healing ministries through Movement Day New York City (NYC). Through this local and national partnership effort, Movement Day will share Bible-based trauma healing training and resources with its local church partners in NYC and across the United States over the next three years.

Through Movement Day’s LeadNYC initiative, faith communities across five boroughs in greater NYC will receive digital Bible-based trauma-informing resources. Through this effort, an estimated 800,000 people will be reached in the greater NYC area over three years with the healing power of God’s Word. In addition, these Bible-based Trauma Healing tools and resources will reach local city-network church leaders across the United States. This national expansion initiative will reach an estimated 4.8M people across 100 cities with the message of hope in Scripture over the next three years.

Through your prayers, this expansion of Trauma Healing Ministry can equip and train churches to be havens of healing for suffering people. American Bible Society’s Bible-based curriculum will enable trained facilitators to guide their faith community to share their pain and lament and find healing at the foot of the cross in a journey through Scripture. In partnership with Movement Day, we pray for healing through the promise of Isaiah 61:1-4 (GNT):

“The Sovereign Lord has filled me with his Spirit. He has chosen me and sent me to bring good news to the poor, to heal the broken-hearted, to announce release to captives and freedom to those in prison. He has sent me to proclaim that the time has come when the Lord will save his people and defeat their enemies. He has sent me to comfort all who mourn, to give to those who mourn in Zion joy and gladness instead of grief, a song of praise instead of sorrow. They will be like trees that the Lord himself has planted. They will all do what is right, and God will be praised for what he has done. They will rebuild cities that have long been in ruins.”

Will you join us in praying for the gospel to be proclaimed through Movement Day 2021, launching a 3-year initiative to reach cities with the hope of God’s Word?

3 Ways to Pray

Pray for gospel proclamations through Movement Day 2021. Father, we thank you for the many ways the gospel is being proclaimed through Movement Day Expressions. We pray a blessing over Movement Day New York City on October 21, 2021. We ask for protection over those gathered to be united, inspired, and equipped to bring the hope of Scripture where it is most needed in their cities.

Praise God that wounded hearts are being healed through the Bible. Father, we celebrate that according to a recent study, nearly 93 percent of those who participated in a Bible-based healing group experienced decreased trauma symptoms. In this study involving 3,000 participants across 24 countries, we rejoice in the tangible ways your word brings hope to the hurting.

Pray for marketplace, nonprofit, and church leaders to be equipped in Bible-based trauma healing. God, we pray for leaders across the body of Christ to be equipped in caring for traumatized people. Protect and empower those you are calling to serve the work of Trauma Healing Ministry across 100 cities over the next three years through Movement Day collaborations.

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Laura Gish
Laura Gish

Laura Gish leads Prayer Mobilization for American Bible Society. Originally from Texas, she now calls Philadelphia home. Laura can often be spotted in the city's historic parks with her adorable Westie named Jack, whose charm befriends local passersby. As a displaced Texan, she is still looking for authentic Tex-Mex food in the Northeast. Laura is passionate about the Bible and empowering people to embrace a fascinated lifestyle of prayer.

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