New Bible Program to Support Military Children

American Bible Society’s Armed Services Ministry Announces Initiative to Support Military Families with Scripture

American Bible Society’s Armed Services Ministry today announced the launch of a new program, Hero Squad, to show children of the Military the support of a grateful nation. Through donor commitments, the program will provide a welcome box as well as four annual gift packages to children with a parent serving in the Military. These seasonal, quarterly boxes include an age-appropriate Bible, Military-specific devotionals, Bible-based mental health resources, family activities, and more.

“Military families face many unique challenges, including struggling to find community,” said Gordon Groseclose, retired Army chaplain and ministry director for Armed Services Ministry. “Hero Squad reminds Military children that they aren’t alone. It teaches that—no matter how scary or hard it is to be in a new place or separated from a parent—God will be there to help them.”

The majority of Military families move every two to three years. For children, this could mean moving up to six times by the age of 12. Military children are repeatedly required to change schools, make new friends, and adapt to a new way of life. Additionally, they carry the emotional burden of fearing losing a parent and or being separated from family when their mom, dad, or both parents are deployed. The challenges of this different way of life are often amplified during traditional “family times” like Thanksgiving or Christmas, and COVID-19 has intensified the fears of family separation. Armed Services Ministry says the Bible can help.

“In my time as a chaplain, I have seen time and time again the difference that being grounded in Scripture makes for a Military family,” continued Groseclose. “That’s why I’m excited about Hero Squad. I think it will give Military families a foundation to better serve God together, as one unit. We hope the program will make Military children more resilient and that it will bring even a small amount of comfort to deployed parents to know that, in their absence, their children are receiving Bible-based instruction for comfort and peace.”

American Bible Society has a rich history of serving Armed Service Members, Veterans and their families. Providing America’s Military with Bibles has been a core pillar of American Bible Society’s work since its founding, over 200 years ago. Today, Hero Squad extends this legacy to include the children of our nation’s heroes.

The Hero Squad gift boxes are divided into three categories, catered to each age group’s distinctive needs: Eagle Squad for kids aged 3–7, Junior Varsity for tweens aged 8–12, and Varsity for teens age 13 and older. Gifts are sent four times a year (every three months) and are free of cost to Military families.

“Military families sacrifice so much for our country. That’s why our Armed Services Ministry has proudly served the Military community for more than two centuries, and why we’re honored to continue serving them by treating Military children to these Scripture-focused gift boxes,” said Robert L. Briggs, President and CEO of American Bible Society. “Our role is to connect a grateful nation with our nation’s heroes.”

Armed Services Ministry works through a network of more than 2,000 Chaplains across the United States to increase Military families’ spiritual health. Chaplains can recommend families for Hero Squad and order free, Military-specific Scripture resources that bring the Bible to life for Military families through Armed Services Ministry’s website.

To enroll a Military family in Hero Squad or find more information, visit . Support a Military child through Hero Squad at

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