Our Top Bible Gift Picks for Christmas 2020

American Bible Society releases second annual list of 10 Bibles great for gifting this Christmas

American Bible Society’s team of Bible experts today announced a list of ten interesting new Bible recommendations for Christians seeking a perfect gift for their friends and loved ones this Christmas. This is American Bible Society’s second annual Bible gift list for Christmas—intended to provide gift ideas that will truly be a great source of comfort and joy in this season and beyond.

“For Christians, the Christmas season represents a time to celebrate the birth of Christ and reflect deeply on the wonderful Gift that has all been given to all humanity,” notes Robert L. Briggs, President and CEO of American Bible Society. “In the middle of a pandemic and in the wake of the November elections, this Christmas season will, of course, bring with it a particular set of challenges to us in the U.S. However, I’m encouraged to consider how the Bible’s life-changing message offers a source of comfort and strength to all who engage with it. In every season, it brings encouragement and hope to a broken world. It helps us focus on loving others despite our differences, persevere in times of trouble, and rely on an unchanging and faithful God—a message so deeply needed in times like these.”

American Bible Society’s State of the Bible 2020 research revealed that nearly seven in ten Americans (69%) are curious about what the Bible says. However, the same research showed the lifestyle changes amid the pandemic may be negatively impacting the frequency of Bible reading. Still, Americans look to the Bible for hope amid crisis: 8 in 10 individuals who were hospitalized by COVID-19 said they wished they had read the Bible more. This isn’t surprising, considering that, for Christians, the Bible is a holy text that leads its readers to hope, peace and a deeper relationship with God. The Bible is a very impactful gift, especially in a time when so many are struggling with the uncertainties of this pandemic environment.

American Bible Society’s list includes ten top picks for 2020, in no particular order. Prices listed are as of October 2020 and do not include any shipping costs; American Bible Society does not receive any special compensation for Bibles purchased from this list.

Top Ten Best Bible Gifts for 2020

1. Best Bible for Deaf People or Sign Language Learners: Deaf Missions’ ASLV Bible, the first full Bible translation for the Deaf, was completed this October. Share it with Deaf friends and family members, or those in your life who may be learning sign language! (ASLV videos are available for free at Deaf Missions’ website or app.)

2. Best Bible for Doodlers and Dreamers: NKJV Bible Journals come in a library-worthy boxed set of 45 volumes. Each book of the Bible is individually bound in a paperback, handheld size and includes full pages of journaling lines next to the Scriptures. (The complete set is available from Christianbook for $169.99, boxed sets are also sold individually.)

For an option with deuterocanonical books, consider the Catholic Journaling Bible from Catholic Company. ($49.99)

3. Best Bible for Comic Book Fans: The Epic Bible from Kingstone Media Group is an impressive and exciting graphic Bible “with dramatic, full-color art created by some of DC and Marvel’s best comic book artists.” (Available from Tyndale for $27.99 in English and Spanish.)

4. Best Bible for the “Beautiful Princess” in your Life: My Beautiful Princess Bible is a fun edition for anyone in your life that might love “all things pink and glittery”. It includes stories about women in the Bible, love letters from God to young women, and prayers your princess can pray to God. (Available from Tyndale for $19.99.)

5. Best Bible for Families: The NIV Our Family Story Bible is a modern, hardback edition that helps families document their memories as they study the Bible together through the years. This would make a great gift for a family with children of all ages, expectant parents, foster parents or those praying about adoption. (Available from Amazon for $30.79.)

For an option with deuterocanonical books, consider the Catholic Family Bible. The keepsake edition has a 16-page family section and is a great gift for anyone celebrating a milestone like a wedding, anniversary or new addition to the family. (Available from Christianbook for $49.99.)

6. Best Bible for a Friend Who Wants to Grow in Faith: The Abide Bible guides those seeking to grow in their relationship with Jesus through scriptural exercises that help them understand and apply the Bible’s truths. It is available in several beautiful cloth-bound and faux leather editions. (Available from Amazon for $32.99.)

7. Best Bible for Loved Ones Seeking Addiction Recovery: The NLT Life Recovery Bible by Stephen Arterburn and David Stoop is a complete Bible with articles and resources for recovery, emphasizing God as the one true source for healing. (Available from Tyndale for $39.99.)

8. Best Bible for Frontline Healthcare Workers: The CSB Nurse Bible honors Florence Nightingale and features sixty pages of inspiration for medical professionals in addition to the complete Bible. (Available from Mardel for $24.99.)

9. Best Bible for Hunters and Fishers: The CSB Sportsman’s Bible comes in camouflage, is lightweight and portable and includes “special field insights and devotions for those who love investing time with God while hunting and fishing in the great outdoors.” (Available from Mardel for $29.99.)

10. Best Bible for Spanish Speakers: La Biblia para la Predicación (The Bible for Preaching) includes notes for pastors that all can learn from, including book introductions, maps of biblical locations and suggestions on learning from Jesus’s parables. (Available from Amazon for $33.50.)

Those seeking Bibles in additional languages can find a large, multilingual print-on-demand selection at Bibles.com*.

11. BONUS - Best Bible for the Generous of Heart: Every $5 gift to American Bible Society provides a Bible for an at-risk child, U.S. Military member, Chinese Christian, or someone who has not yet had a Bible in their own language. (Available from American Bible Society from $5 and up.)

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