Pointing Catholic Pilgrims to God’s Word

As our nation celebrates the arrival of an international religious leader, heed the call of Pope Francis to cherish God’s Word in your life.

At the start of this week, thousands of Christian pilgrims from around the world descended on Philadelphia, Pa. for the World Meeting of Families Conference—the world’s largest gathering of Catholic families. Close to 1 million people are expected to be in attendance this weekend for several appearances by Pope Francis.

To reach the hundreds of thousands of people roaming Philadelphia with God’s Word, American Bible Society has been running a multifaceted media campaign championing the power of the Bible in the life of the family. Bus wraps, train advertisements and subway posters encourage passersby to consider how their families have confronted the ups and downs of life. The advertisements then call viewers to connect their personal stories with God’s story at www.enterthestorynow.com.

The website contains customized Bible studies and devotional ideas for families. Visitors can subscribe to daily Scripture journeys via email or phone. The site also features engaging social media experiences, like the chance to upload pictures to the world’s “largest family photo album” on Instagram.

As the World Meting of Families reaches its culmination this weekend, please pray that this strategic media campaign will achieve its desired end: to draw Philadelphians and families from around the world to engage more regularly with the Word of God.

Watch the promotional video for the EnterTheStory campaign:

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