Rob Wonderling Named Executive Director of the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center

Wonderling brings 30 years of innovation experience to one of Philadelphia’s newest attractions

Rob Wonderling has been named the new executive director of American Bible Society’s Faith and Liberty Discovery Center in historic Philadelphia.

Wonderling is an innovative civic leader who has served the Greater Philadelphia region for 30 years. His leadership of the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center will advance American Bible Society’s vision of seeing Americans engaged with the Bible and inspired by its life-changing message.

“I have walked in faith for a long time. I truly believe the Bible can change hearts, minds, lives, communities—and a city and a nation for the better,” said Wonderling.

As executive director, Wonderling will steward of the award-winning Faith and Liberty Discovery Center. The Center, which opened in 2021 on Philadelphia’s Independence Mall, showcases the profound impact of faith on American history and current events. Drawing on his previous experience as CEO of the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia and Pennsylvania state senator, Wonderling will partner with other business and community leaders in attracting visitors to Philadelphia.

“I really wanted to throw myself into something that would be useful and purposeful and that would be innovative and creative,” said Wonderling. “That is the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center!”

Wonderling’s former colleagues and associates applauded his appointment as executive director.

“I’ve worked with Rob for years, and he will be a powerful addition to both the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center and the overall Historic District tourism efforts,” said James Cuorato, President and CEO at Independence Visitor Center Corporation. “Tapping into his years of experience with the Chamber and his prolific network will only serve to be a rising tide that lifts all boats.”

Former Philadelphia Mayor Rev. Dr. W. Wilson Goode, Sr., added: “I’ve known Rob as a public servant, business leader, and a man of faith for more than thirty years and I couldn’t think of a better blend of skills and vision to bring to an emerging voice like the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center. Rob’s stewardship will balance the Center’s growth with the mission of deepening the relationship of Philadelphia citizens and beyond with the Bible.”

Robert L. Briggs, President and CEO of American Bible Society, says Wonderling’s love for innovation is a perfect fit for the state-of-the-art Faith and Liberty Discovery Center. “There isn’t a better or more qualified individual to lead the next phase of the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center’s growth and development than Rob,” Briggs said. “His track record of growth and innovation throughout the city and region speaks for itself, and his vision of how the Center can continue to inspire and advocate for the connection between faith and liberty throughout the U.S. is perfectly aligned with that growth and innovation.”

Wonderling will officially join the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center on July 1st, 2022, just a few days before its one-year anniversary.


Curious to learn more about how the Bible influenced American history? You can experience the state-of-the-art Faith and Liberty Discovery Center in Philadelphia by visiting today!

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Elisabeth Trefsgar
Elisabeth Trefsgar

Elisabeth Trefsgar is a content specialist for American Bible Society. She has made a home in New Jersey and Sofia, Bulgaria, and is always on the lookout for the next adventure. She is passionate about seeing communities around the world flourish through the power of God's Word and the efforts of the local church. When she isn't writing, you can find her reading good stories, photographing local sights, and spending time with friends.

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