This World Trauma Day, 3 Ways to Spread Awareness and Healing

Use these free resources to share the healing power of God’s Word

Trauma is a deep wound of the heart that hurts every part of our lives and makes us feel separated from God and others. It is often easier to acknowledge a visible, physical wound than the invisible wounds of the heart. But both need loving care from God and from those around us.

October 17 is World Trauma Day. On this day, we acknowledge the physical and emotional traumas endured by people of every age, religion, and walk of life. We also use this day to learn how to care well for hurting people and consider how we can prevent these traumas. Finally, we thank God for the way that Bible-based trauma healing is making a difference in thousands of hearts around the world.

Today, we invite you to observe World Trauma Day by sharing some of our free resources with your friends, family, and community. While the burdens of trauma and barriers to healing can seem overwhelming, each of us can do our small part as we watch God work through us to do mighty things!

Spread Awareness on Social Media

You can share our free resources and social media posts to help people understand the problem of trauma and how they can be safe helpers.

Share this basic video on trauma to introduce people to the ways trauma can affect your life. Share the safe listener’s promise to help people learn how to listen to someone who is sharing their pain. And share three questions to ask someone who is hurting to provide a practical tool that can be used to show your love and care for someone experiencing trauma.

Start a Group Discussion in Your Community

Our free group discussion guide is a tool that you can use to begin raising awareness in your church and community. Gather a group of friends in-person or plan an online meeting to learn more about what trauma is and how God calls us to imitate him in drawing near to the brokenhearted. Once you’ve finished one discussion, you can use any of our Trauma Healing Basics resources to start a new one!

Engage with God’s Word Using This 7-Day Reading Plan

You can see what the Bible has to say about trauma and healing by journeying through this reading plan from the book of Isaiah. Study alone or read and reflect with others as you learn more about the Lord’s promise to comfort those who are suffering.

  • Day 1 – The Lord’s Character Read Isaiah 9:6–7; 11:1-5; 50:4-8 Who is the Messiah? Which name for our Messiah speaks to your heart today and why?
  • Day 2 – The Lord’s Promises Read Isaiah 3:10; 25:6-9; 26:3-4; 51:11-12; 59:1 What do you need to trust the Lord for today? Why would God’s “strong arm” and “listening ear” be important to you now?
  • Day 3 – The Lord’s Presence Read Isaiah 41:9b–10, 13; 43:1b–3, 13; 57:15, 18b–19 God promises to be with us. How can you experience God’s presence when life is overwhelming?
  • Day 4 – The Lord’s Suffering Read Isaiah 53; 63:7-9 How does the foretelling of the suffering of Christ and the fact that he suffers with you, give perspective to the things you are experiencing today?
  • Day 5 – The Lord’s Understanding Read Isaiah 40:25-31 Have you felt that the Lord hasn’t seen or understood some of your struggles? What are they? Are they really hidden from the Lord?
  • Day 6 – The Lord’s Purposes Read Isaiah 35:3-6; 45:3; 48:10-11; 55:8-9; 58:10b–12; 61:1-4; 64:4-5a, 8 What are the treasures that the Lord is providing for you, even in the dark times? How can you be light in the darkness for someone else? According to chapter 61, why does God free captives and comfort mourners?
  • Day 7 – The Lord’s Love Read Isaiah 30:18; 40:11; 42:3; 43:4; 49:13-16; 54:4-7, 8b, 10 God’s covenant of love, even in our weakness, gives us strength. How does this never-ending love give you courage today?

Today and every day, we can rest in the promises of the Bible and praise God for being our perfect healer:

LORD, heal me and I will be completely well; rescue me and I will be perfectly safe. You are the one I praise!

Jeremiah 17:14 GNT

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Elisabeth Trefsgar
Elisabeth Trefsgar

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