Urgent: 3 Ways to Pray for Maui after Deadly Wildfires

Join us as we pray God’s comfort and provision for all those impacted by this tragedy

On August 8, 2023, massive wildfires spread through West Maui, engulfing more than 2,000 acres of the Hawaiian island. Hundreds of local families have been displaced, hospitals are overrun with burn patients, and thousands are still without power. As of this posting, nearly 100 people have died, making these wildfires among the deadliest in U.S. history.

We are heartbroken by the devastation in Maui. In moments like these, we turn to Scripture to remind us that our help comes from the Lord (Psalm 121:2). He is present in times of suffering and offers his peace to everyone who has lost hope. His Word also equips us to help and pray for all those affected.

How You Can Pray

Thanks to generous believers like you, American Bible Society works with trusted ministry partners to provide resources that help people engage in Scripture and experience God’s comfort after a crisis like the wildfires in Maui. We also rely on your prayers to help bring the hope of the gospel to hurting people. Your intercession reminds them that they are not forgotten, and that God will not abandon them in their greatest hour of need.

Today, join us in praying that God will bring his light and his hope to communities in Maui through his Word. Here are three ways you can pray:

  • Pray for the people of Maui. Pray that God will surround each person affected by these deadly wildfires with his peace and presence. Pray that he will heal physical and emotional wounds for those who lost loved ones, homes, and possessions. Pray for the protection and security of families who are displaced. Pray that those without homes will be given shelter and food and that God will grant them strength to rebuild their lives.
  • Pray for rescue teams and recovery efforts. Pray for response teams as they work to reach those who are stranded. Pray that God will strengthen first responders and aid workers. Also, pray for the local leadership as they work to coordinate recovery efforts across the island.
  • Pray for an outpouring of aid and support. Pray that organizations and individuals around the world would be inspired to give and support the people of Maui. Pray that humanitarian aid can reach all those affected. Pray for local churches to be beacons of hope and places of refuge. And pray for our efforts to be successful in connecting those who are hurting to the healing power of Scripture.

To help you continue to pray for those impacted by the wildfires in Maui, we invite you to use our free prayer guide, God’s Comfort in Crisis.

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