Urgent Prayer Needed: 3 Ways to Pray for the Holy Land

Pray with us for all those affected by the war in Israel

Early on the morning of Saturday, October 7, 2023, militants from the terrorist organization Hamas launched a series of surprise attacks in southern Israel, killing at least 700 people. In response, Israel has declared war on Hamas, which is largely concentrated in the Palestinian-majority Gaza Strip and the West Bank. As of this posting, more than 1,300 people have died in the conflict, with thousands injured and an unknown number of hostages taken captive by Hamas.

As we grieve the reality of violence in our broken world, we also feel anger at the scenes of injustice and suffering we see in our newsfeeds. In times like these, Scripture invites us to bring our cries for peace and justice to God. We can use Scripture to guide our prayers as we ask God to stop evil, protect the vulnerable, and heal broken hearts and communities.

Throughout Scripture, we find passages that can guide our hearts in prayer during difficult times. We can use God’s Word to pray against evildoers as we ask God to display his power and salvation before the nations:

Help me, O LORD my God;
because of your constant love, save me!
Make my enemies know
that you are the one who saves me.

They may curse me, but you will bless me.
May my persecutors be defeated,
and may I, your servant, be glad.
May my enemies be covered with disgrace;
may they wear their shame like a robe.

I will give loud thanks to the LORD;
I will praise him in the assembly of the people,
because he defends the poor
and saves them from those who condemn them to death.

Psalm 109:26–31 GNT

Today, will you join us in praying for all those affected by this war? Here are three ways you can pray right now.

3 Ways to Pray for the Holy Land

1. Pray for our Bible Society partners in the region: Despite historic hostility between Jewish, Muslim, and Christian groups in the Middle East, our Bible Society partners have worked to faithfully bridge the gap by preaching the love of Christ to all people. For decades, Bible Society in Israel, the Arab Israeli Bible Society, and the Palestinian Bible Society have labored to spread the gospel in the Holy Land. Now, they need our prayers as they seek to respond to this new conflict. Please pray for all Bible Society staff, volunteers, and their families. Pray for safety as they endure the early days of this war, with great uncertainty about the future. Pray for their hearts to be strengthened and encouraged through God’s Word, prayer, and the presence of the Holy Spirit. Pray for them to feel the support of our prayers. And pray for God to sustain them as they seek to love and serve those who are suffering, fearful, and looking for hope in these troubled times.

“When you pass through deep waters, I will be with you; your troubles will not overwhelm you. When you pass through fire, you will not be burned; the hard trials that come will not hurt you. For I am the LORD your God, the holy God of Israel, who saves you.”

Isaiah 43:2–3a GNT

2. Pray for God’s protection to cover innocent people: Scripture is clear that God’s heart is toward the vulnerable (Job 5:15–16), and that he hates those who pursue wickedness (Psalm 11:5). As conflict in the Holy Land escalates, pray for God to protect innocent lives in Israel, Gaza, and surrounding regions. Pray for God to defend the most vulnerable and thwart further plans for violence against civilians. Pray for God’s judgement on all those who plan to do harm to those who cannot protect themselves. Pray for all hostages to be returned safely to their families. Pray for God to draw near to those who are suffering and to provide hope to those who are facing despair. Pray for churches in the region to be beacons of hope and help for those who have lost everything. And pray for many people to meet Jesus during this time of great need.

You listen to the longings
of those who suffer.
You offer them hope,
and you pay attention
to their cries for help.

Psalm 10:17 CEV

3. Pray for a merciful end to this conflict and for lasting peace in the Holy Land: Pray that this conflict would end quickly without more loss of innocent lives. Pray for wisdom for international leaders. Pray that God would direct them on a path toward stability in the region, and that they would hold accountable those who seek to disrupt peace. Pray for the families and communities that will be forever changed due to this war. Pray for churches, Bible Societies, and individual believers to be equipped by the Holy Spirit to share the healing news of Jesus with people experiencing trauma and grief. Pray that our brothers and sisters in Christ would lead the way in peacemaking among Jewish, Muslim, and Christian communities, even during this time of conflict. Pray that their witness of reconciliation through Jesus Christ would have a lasting effect throughout future generations.

You, LORD, give perfect peace
to those who keep their purpose firm
and put their trust in you.

Isaiah 26:3 GNT

Thank you for praying with us! To further guide your intercession for people in crisis, use this free prayer guide to pray the promises of Scripture: 6 Ways to Pray for People in Crisis.

You can send the love of Christ to suffering people in the Holy Land by providing the comfort of the Psalms along with desperately needed aid today:

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