What is the top problem families face today?

Take our poll to find out what people are saying, then continue the conversation with the new film Irreplaceable.

Families face major challenges—everything from depression and anxiety to substance abuse and medical problems.

The problems are showing up in the data:

  • One divorce occurs every 36 seconds in America. (U.S. Census Department, 2011)
  • 22% of children live in homes below the poverty level. (National Center for Children in Poverty)
  • Depression affects 10% of the adult population. (CDC)
  • For every 2.4 marriages in 2011, there was one divorce. (U.S. Census Department)
  • Just 50% of American adults think the Bible contains everything you need to know to live a meaningful life. ( State of the Bible 2014 )

But despite all of these challenges, families continue to be one of the most important sources of support, love and meaning in people’s lives. The upcoming feature-length documentary called Irreplaceable is the first in a series from Focus on the Family that explores critical questions about the family in today’s culture.

Take this poll to see the problems families face today, and watch the film Irreplaceable when it hits theaters for one night on May 6.

Read more about Irreplaceable and view the trailer below.

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