How One Man Sows Seeds for God’s Kingdom

Through an estate plan with American Bible Society, Lyle Gansko helps reach the unreached with God's Word.

Lyle Gansko is no stranger to hard work. When he was 16, he started helping a local farmer with his daily chores. It wasn’t long before Lyle worked multiple jobs—raising hogs and cows as well as farming corn and beans. He eventually saved enough money to buy the farm he started working on as a teenager.

Over the years, Lyle’s hard work has continued to pay off; today, he owns eight farms in northern Iowa. But diligent work and financial success have never been the primary focus of Lyle’s life.
“I believe the main reason we’re here is to help spread the gospel to people who haven’t heard it…who don’t have a Bible,” says Lyle.
Living out that conviction, Lyle has faithfully supported American Bible Society for many years. But he has also thought a great deal about how his estate will further God’s Kingdom on earth when he is no longer here to steward it. That’s why Lyle worked with an American Bible Society Regional Advisor when drafting a charitable estate plan with his attorney. He even helped American Bible Society pioneer the Kingdom Endowment Fund—a fund in which American Bible Society shares proceeds from an estate with other charities for up to 40 years.
For decades, Lyle has written checks to about 60 charities and carefully listed each check on a yellow legal pad. Through the Kingdom Endowment Fund, American Bible Society will continue to write Lyle’s monthly checks for decades to come.
And although there are countless people, charities and causes that Lyle could bless through his estate, his priorities remain eternal. As Lyle puts it, “I would rather see it further the Kingdom of God.”

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