Video: How One Man’s Devotion to Scripture Will Impact Future Generations

Watch the story of Jack Turner, a partner committed to equipping all people to engage with God’s Word.

More than 50 years ago, a pastor approached Jack Turner and made a life-changing proposition: he wanted to replace the cigarettes in Turner’s pocket with an American Bible Society New Testament. Already concerned about his nicotine addiction, Turner agreed. He went on to read his New Testament so often he wore through the cover and needed to have a friend stitch on a replacement.

Over time, Turner’s passion for reading the Bible turned into a lifelong pursuit. He has spent the past 45 years sharing the Gospel with all who will listen: friends, family members and even people in local prisons. And he has committed to faithfully supporting American Bible Society, ensuring people from the U.S. to Uganda have the opportunity to engage with God’s Word.

To make sure his vision for Bible engagement carries on for generations to come, Turner and his wife have invested in a Gift Annuity with American Bible Society. During their lifetime, they will benefit from a dependable income. And in the future, their contribution will support Bible ministry around the world. Turner cherishes the opportunity to invest in such a cause.

“American Bible Society is the forerunner of the truth of God in this world today,” Turner says, “and I’m passionate about it.”

Watch Jack Turner’s story below.

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