Why One Woman Views an American Bible Society Gift Annuity as “Win-Win Giving”

Following in her mother's footsteps, Anna Rose Schannauer has supported American Bible Society for 66 years.

Mrs. Anna Rose Schannauer grew up attending classes in a one-room country schoolhouse. She eventually skipped a couple grades, allowing her to graduate early and begin teaching kindergarten, which she did for 33 years. Despite a lifetime of non-stop education, one of the most valuable lessons Anna Rose ever learned came from her mother: how to give generously.

Of all the ministries her family supported, American Bible Society was one of her mother’s favorites. As a result, Anna Rose started giving to American Bible Society as a young college graduate. She hasn’t stopped for the last 66 years.

Anna Rose learned another valuable lesson in giving when she discovered the dual benefits of charitable gift annuities. “A total win-win…that’s exactly what I think the annuities are,” Anna Rose explains. “The organization that gets the money is winning at the time of the (gift), and then you’re winning because you’re getting back.”

Anna Rose knows she can count on her monthly check from American Bible Society because it’s a trustworthy organization, “Should I live long enough, I’ll get every cent of it back.” In the meantime, her annuity provides a monthly reminder for Anna Rose that her generosity is advancing Bible work around the world. “It enriches my life,” she says.

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