3 Ways to Pray for Bible Translators Around the World

Pray for these heroes who labor to make God’s Word available to their communities

Translating the Bible is a complex, collaborative, and labor-intensive process. Yet, Bible translators around the world have dedicated their lives to this work, so that people in their communities can experience the life-changing message of God’s Word in their heart language.

But many Bible translators persevere amid trying circumstances. Carlos Rene Pop, for example, is a Bible translator working on the Revised Q’eqchi’ Bible in Guatemala. Carlos has to climb to the top of a mountain to get a strong enough internet signal in order to work with a global translation advisor who checks the accuracy of the translation. Normally this would be done in person, but due to the pandemic this is no longer possible. And recent hurricanes caused serious infrastructural damage, making it difficult to secure internet connection.

Despite these challenges, Bible translation work has continued! Mario Xuruc, the Bible Society of Guatemala’s Bible Translation Coordinator said, “This has been a difficult year for the Q’eqchi’ communities, but the translation team is more committed than ever to finishing the translation so that God’s Word can bring hope and encouragement.”

‘More Committed than Ever’

Despite the global pandemic, natural disasters, persecution, illness, and loss, Bible translators are more committed than ever to the work of Bible translation. Their faithfulness, dedication, and courage are the reason we are seeing unprecedented access to God’s Word.

But they need your prayers for God’s help in their work to translate Scripture. Your prayers can help them deliver God’s Word to those still waiting for Scripture in their heart language.

Here’s How You Can Pray

Pray for:

  • Strength to persevere. Translating the Bible is a long process that can take many years to complete. Pray that the Holy Spirit will strengthen Bible translators and enable them to endure the process. The LORD gives strength to his people and blesses them with peace. (Psalm 29:11 GNT)
  • Protection from oppression. Pray for Bible translators working in areas particularly hostile to Christianity. Ask God to protect them from violence and every form of oppression. The LORD will protect you and keep you safe from all dangers. The LORD will protect you now and always wherever you go. (Psalm 121:7-8 CEV)
  • Provision for daily needs. Ask God to provide key resources needed for Bible translation such as computers, translation software, internet access, training, as well as other basic needs. I pray that God will take care of all your needs with the wonderful blessings that come from Christ Jesus! (Philippians 4:19 CEV)

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Nena Podbury
Nena Podbury

Nena Podbury is a Prayer Mobilization Associate at American Bible Society. Originally from the Bronx, she served in children’s ministry for 12 years doing Sidewalk Sunday School. Nena is married with two children, Noah and Emilia.

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