3 Ways You Can Pray on International Day of Families

Join us on May 15, as we pray for families around the world

Since 1994, each May 15, the world comes together to celebrate International Day of Families. Founded by the United Nations, International Day of Families is a day to honor the importance of families and to promote awareness of issues relating to families.

This year, we join our hearts and voices with millions to pray for the well-being of families around the world and for God’s divine intervention in every unique family situation.

God’s Word Provides Hope to Families Around the World

Families are an integral part of one’s life. It is the place where children are shaped and feel secure, and where they are taught values, skills, and socialization. It is the place where adults learn to love sacrificially, build traditions, and foster belonging. Most importantly, it is a place where we can learn about God.

That’s why American Bible Society is committed to providing God’s Word for families. We believe that God’s Word provides hope and guidance for every family no matter their situation. Today, we are providing God’s Word to:

  • Ukrainian refugee families. As Ukrainians, many single parents with young children, flee to Poland and other neighboring nations, we are working with local Bible Societies to provide the comfort of God’s Word. To hear more about this work, listen to this teleconference call with American Bible Society President Robert L. Briggs.
  • Traumatized families. American Bible Society’s Trauma Healing Ministry created God Is With Me: A Family Guide to Living After Disaster to help parents and caregivers help the children they love feel safe during times of uncertainty, especially after a disaster. This resource uses the power of Scripture to reassure families that God is near, and he offers his peace even amid crises.
  • Military families. Military families are finding strength through Hero Squad, a program of our Armed Services Ministry. Hero Squad provides military children with quarterly care packages filled with Bible study materials, Military-specific devotionals, family activities, and other gifts.

3 Ways You Can Pray for Families

While God’s Word is reaching families around the world, we know there are still many families who need God’s guiding Word. Today, many people are aching because of the brokenness in their families. Let us lift our voices in prayer for God’s wisdom, healing, and guidance over every family and the unique circumstances they face:

1. Pray for families around the world especially those experiencing hardship, poverty, violence, or abuse. Pray that God will provide for vulnerable families. Pray for the protection of those in unsafe situations. And pray that more people will demonstrate a spirit of generosity so that there will be more resources available to help families in need.

2. Pray for leaders to have wisdom that will bring about improved systems and creative solutions for the well-being of families. Pray for the UN and other organizations working to improve health, education, children’s rights, work-family balance, and social inclusion for families across the globe.

3. Pray for God’s Word to reach every family. Pray for local Bible Societies and Bible agencies as they work to make God’s Word available to every person through distribution, Bible translation projects, Bible literacy projects, or trauma healing ministry. Pray that the reading of Scripture will transform families, bringing joy, healing, and restoration.

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Nena Podbury
Nena Podbury

Nena Podbury is a Prayer Mobilization Associate at American Bible Society. Originally from the Bronx, she served in children’s ministry for 12 years doing Sidewalk Sunday School. Nena is married with two children, Noah and Emilia.

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