Alert: Pray for Christians Facing Persecution in Burkina Faso

Let’s stand in prayer for our Christian brothers and sisters in Burkina Faso

On April 29, 2019, terrorists arrived after a Sunday church service to force Christians to deny their faith in Jesus. When the pastor refused, he and his young daughter, son-in-law, and three others were killed.

This is the reality for our brothers and sisters in Burkina Faso. Many Christians are being actively and violently persecuted, forced to flee for their lives, or killed.

Yet even in the face of danger, they will not abandon their faith. They continue to place their hope and trust in the Lord Jesus. Today, we join them in trusting God for their protection and for powerful change in this nation.

They need your prayers.

We are calling everyone to pray for believers in Burkina Faso. We can’t possibly imagine what they’re going through but we can stand with them in prayer. The Bible reminds us to turn to God for help, Psalm 140:6-8 (GNT) says,

“You, Lord, are my God! Please listen to my prayer. You have the power to save me, and you keep me safe in every battle. Don’t let the wicked succeed in doing what they want, or else they might never stop planning evil.”

Although ministry programs have been interrupted due to the increasing violence against churches, American Bible Society and local partners stand ready to provide support. Through the End-To-End ministry we hope to bring the peace and comfort found in God’s Word to all Burkinabé.

Will you pray with us?

  • Pray for those being persecuted. Ask God to protect them. Pray that their witness would inspire those who seek to harm them. Also pray that those who have fled their homes will receive housing, water, food, medication, and clothes through the generosity of others.
  • Pray for those persecuting Christians. Ask God to work a miracle in the hearts of the oppressors. Pray that God will change their hearts so that they will stop causing harm to others.
  • Pray for the church. Pray that the church will not only withstand persecution but it will be a powerful witness to the truth and saving power of Jesus Christ.
  • Pray for the government. Ask God to give government leaders wisdom and resources to stop the violence in this nation.

More news about the Burkina Faso church attack can be found on BBC News.

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