Answered Prayer: Jesus Heals the Wounded Heart of a Sri Lankan Boy

Thank God for Ministering to Children through Bible-based Trauma Healing

As 13-year-old Amal* sat in the dining hall of the Bible-based trauma healing group, he seemed disinterested and irritated. Concerned, the facilitator took him aside and gave him a sheet of paper and colored pencils. She asked him to draw how he was feeling. Amal drew a heart with crying eyes.

That’s when the pain of his childhood abuse started to release. “As he told his story, he began to cry—and then sob. He put his head down on his arms, thin shoulders heaving with sobs and loud wailing. I sat next to him … and stayed there while he grieved for at least a half hour,” says Margi McCombs, training manager for American Bible Society’s Bible-based trauma healing ministry.

For three days, Amal was ministered to through Bible-based trauma healing sessions. He heard the truth of God’s Word. He listened to others share their pain as he shared his. By the end, he was able to take his pain to the cross of Jesus for healing. Margi reports Amal’s miraculous transformation, “His face told the healing story—eyes shining with relief and joy, a big dazzling grin punctuated with laughter, and he participated in the closing ceremony with a beautiful dance!

Jesus Heals Wounded Hearts

Ceylon Bible Society in Sri Lanka recognized a need to help children like Amal experience the healing love of Christ. In partnership with American Bible Society, they introduced Bible-based trauma healing to children who have suffered traumatic experiences. Trained facilitators led children through an engaging Scriptural curriculum towards recovery and healing.

This past year, five people in Sri Lanka were trained to become trauma healing facilitators and collectively led children’s healing groups. The result? Amazing stories of healing like Amal’s.

Let’s thank God for healing Amal and other children in Sri Lanka. Let’s pray that this powerful ministry of Bible-based trauma healing will reach more hurting souls with the comfort found in God’s Word.

Prayer of thanks:

God, we thank you for healing Amal’s pain. We pray that you will continue to spiritually and emotionally heal the people of Sri Lanka through Bible-based trauma healing. As this ministry expands to reach teens and adults, we pray for strength and encouragement for all involved through the power of your Holy Spirit.

In my trouble I called to the Lord;
I called to my God for help.
In his temple he heard my voice;
he listened to my cry for help.

Psalm 18:6 (GNT)

*Name changed to protect participant’s identity.

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