Built on Prayer Webinar: The Faith and Liberty Discovery Center

4 ways to partner with this center in celebration and prayer today

If it matters to you, it matters to God.

We rest in the assurance that we can bring any burden we face before our Heavenly Father, who cares for our needs and loves us more than we can imagine. Our prayers are precious to God because we are precious to him. But our prayers are not only precious—they’re powerful. As James 5:16 (GNT) reminds us, “The prayer of a good person has a powerful effect.” Our prayers hold power not because of our ability, but because of our Lord, who desires to move on our behalf.

God’s Word reminds us that the prayers of the righteous produce a mighty effect. These are the types of petitions our prayer community generously brought before the Lord on behalf of the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center. Over the last several years, this passionate prayer community faithfully interceded for the launch of the center, which welcomed more than 1,400 visitors during its grand opening over Independence Day weekend!

We celebrate lives already influenced by the center’s powerful message. Joseph Loconte, Ph.D., author and scholar, shared this stirring reflection:

As is often the case, intellectual rigor is the key. Like no other institution of its kind, the center explores the unique power and influence of the Bible in the American experience, amid all of its complexities. We learn of America’s failure to live up to its highest ideals. Yet we also encounter stories like that of William Penn and his biblical commitments to religious freedom and love of neighbor. Thus, the center offers a place not only for discovery, but even for healing. The use of interactive media, imagery, artifacts, and spaces for personal reflection creates a sense of engagement unlike anything I have experienced. It is a remarkable achievement—a national treasure.

Through prayer, reflection, and worship with special guests, American Bible Society’s prayer community praised God for his faithfulness during the Built on Prayer webinar, which showcased numerous ways to keep staying involved with the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center. We invite you to continue praying for this 40,000-square-foot modern public history center to impact its nearly 250,000 anticipated annual visitors. While we continue in prayer together, join us in these unique opportunities to celebrate and engage with the Faith and Liberty Discover Center today!

If you missed the July 13, 2021 webinar “Built on Prayer: Celebrating the Prayers behind the Faith and Liberty Discover Center” hosted by American Bible Society, you can watch it here.

4 Ways to Partner with the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center

1. Download the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center Prayer Guide. Pray with us for the center’s gallery values of Faith, Liberty, Justice, Hope, Unity, and Love to shape Americans’ transformative experiences with the Bible. Download this new prayer guide here to intercede for four critical prayer needs for the center.

2. Download the Faith and Liberty Rediscovered Podcast. This podcast presents historically significant events in American history. Each episode showcases the direct connection between faith and liberty in America, from its founding to today. Download podcast episodes at https://podcast.faithandliberty.org/.

3. Get the Faith and Liberty Bible. This unique study Bible offers insights into how God’s Word has shaped the American experience through 813 articles and quotations from influential Americans throughout history. Purchase the Faith and Liberty Bible at Bibles.com or Amazon.

4.Download the Faith and Liberty Trail Mobile App. Whether you’re a Philadelphia native, tourist, or curious learner, you can check out this unique app to learn Philadelphia’s hidden history. The app presents diverse walking trails that bring to life Philadelphia’s experiences of faith and liberty. Download the app at https://www.faithandlibertytrail.org/.

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Laura Gish
Laura Gish

Laura Gish leads Prayer Mobilization for American Bible Society. Originally from Texas, she now calls Philadelphia home. Laura can often be spotted in the city's historic parks with her adorable Westie named Jack, whose charm befriends local passersby. As a displaced Texan, she is still looking for authentic Tex-Mex food in the Northeast. Laura is passionate about the Bible and empowering people to embrace a fascinated lifestyle of prayer.

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