God is Comforting Refugee Children in the Middle East Through Your Prayers

Scripture-based ministry in Iraq and Syria is introducing frightened refugee children to the healing love of Jesus

The joy of children is infectious. But many children are robbed of that joy when they endure the violence of war.

More than 3.8 million Iraqi and Syrian children have been displaced by relentless killings and political unrest. Instead of going to school and inventing games on the playground, these children spend uncertain days and fearful nights in makeshift shelters.

Young, vulnerable, and inexperienced, these children have a hard time expressing their pain.

But God—who loves these children and grieves with them—is bringing hope to their hurting hearts.

Your prayers for refugee children are being answered.

To help these children share their pain with God and experience his healing love, we help them match their stories of grief and loss with stories from the Bible. As these children realize, through Scripture, that God is near the brokenhearted, and that Jesus loves them, they discover a safety and hope beyond their circumstances.

Many refugee children have already experienced the healing presence of Christ in this ministry, meeting with church leaders in the Middle East who are trained to identify children’s hurts and guide them through God’s Word. As these children expressed their pain, they were met by Jesus, our great healer.

“These wounded children were boldly praying and singing to Jesus with freedom and conviction,” reports Lilian Samaan, who helps coordinate the ministry. “I saw their joy and innocence return… There was celebration in their hearts.”

Through prayer and song and story, God is healing refugee children emotionally and spiritually. Let’s praise God for the Bible Societies in the Middle East that are serving the church there. And let’s thank God for his love for these children, continuing to pray for peace and healing in this region.

Prayer of Thanks

Father, we thank you for how you are healing these precious children. We pray for your continued outpouring of love and joy in their lives. Protect these children as they return to difficult environments. Please grow the healing ministry so millions of children are reached with the healing power of your Word in the Middle East.

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