New Restoring Hope Bible Helps Hurting People Find Healing in Scripture

Pray that this Bible will help millions experience God’s love and healing.

Many people in our world are traumatized. And those who experience deep suffering because of traumatic experiences often feel hopeless and don’t know where to turn.

The Restoring Hope Bible is designed to help traumatized people experience God’s hope and healing amid their suffering.

Why A Restoring Hope Bible?

For more than two centuries, American Bible Society has been putting Bibles in the hands of people who need them. Through the years, we have worked to provide solutions to barriers such as lack of access, illiteracy, poverty, and oppression that block people from engaging God’s Word.

Trauma is also a barrier. It impedes our relationship with God and others.

American Bible Society launched the Trauma Healing Ministry to help people around the world heal from the pain of trauma. Trauma Healing Ministry has created and supports a network of more than 20,000 trained trauma healing ministry facilitators in over 140 countries. They have also created and distributed several Bible-based trauma healing resources, including the Restoring Hope Bible, to address pain and trauma.

The Restoring Hope Bible was published to help readers see their own stories of pain and hope for restoration reflected in the pages of Scripture. This Bible helps guide people on a path of emotional and spiritual healing, renewing a sense of life purpose and restoring hope. It includes:

  • more than 2,500 verses that speak about trauma and healing,
  • a unique 56-page study guide to support individual reflection and study and,
  • helpful resources, readings, and experiential exercises.

3 Ways You Can Pray

We know that suffering is a part of the human experience, but wherever there is trauma, healing is always possible. Your prayers invite God to draw near and heal those who are suffering. Today, join us as we pray for:

  • Hurting People. Pray that God will restore hope to those who have experienced or are currently living through unimaginable trauma. Pray that his light will shine through the darkness of anxiety, depression, guilt, anger, resentment, and hopelessness, bringing healing and joy.
  • Bible-based trauma healing resources. Pray that resources like the Restoring Hope Bible and other resources for traumatized kids, teens, and disaster survivors will be successful in connecting hurting people with the truths found in Scripture. Pray that those who create these resources will be infused with God’s wisdom, creativity, and strength.
  • Trauma Healing Ministry. Pray for trauma healing ministry taking place all around the world. Pray for trauma healing facilitators who are holding trauma healing groups for people who have experienced the horrors of war or displacement, gone through times of famine and disease, and suffered great loss from devastating natural disasters, just to name a few.

Thank you for praying! To purchase your own copy of the Restoring Hope Bible, go to or Amazon.

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