Pray God Breaks Cycle of Domestic Abuse in Peru

The Peruvian Bible Society dreams of a day without domestic violence, and they’re sharing God’s Word to help women heal and their country change

Physical abuse wears at more than just the body. Victims often begin to believe that they have done something to deserve the pain—that they aren’t worthy of a better, abuse-free life. This is the story of many women and children in Peru who are conditioned by society and their reality to believe that there’s nothing more to their lives than abuse.

Four in every 10 women in Peru have suffered domestic violence. Devastated by the words and actions of their husbands and others, they live in constant fear. One woman reports that her husband attacked her, cutting her with a bottle and hoping she would die. Tearful and afraid, she wondered if her life had any value. Then she read through Scriptures provided by the Peruvian Bible Society. In God’s Word, she realized that Jesus loves her and is with her in her sorrow. Her identity in Jesus has been restored. “We should value ourselves as women and seek God,” she says.

Stop the violence

Before 2019, the Peruvian Bible Society plans to help 10,000 victims of domestic violence heal through God’s Word. Through churches, they will host “Healing Wounds” groups. These groups connect hurting women in caring communities where they can meet Jesus and find new security and comfort in him.

Peruvian Bible Society is also working to prevent violence in the country by teaching workshops—in person and on radio and television broadcasts—like “Treating Others Well” and “Stop the Violence.” In addition, the Bible Society team is collaborating with churches to lead “Building Healthy Families”—a course that helps strengthen families and prevent domestic violence.

Let’s pray for God’s peace and comfort to reign in hurting households in Peru. And let’s pray that God’s love breaks cycles of violence in Peru—welcoming his children into his peace.

Join us in prayer for:

  • Women who have suffered violence. Pray God brings physical, spiritual, and emotional healing to women who have been abused. Pray that Jesus, our great comforter, restores their value in him and gives them peace as they read Scripture.
  • Peru. Pray that brotherly love pervades Peru. Pray communities pursue justice, husbands honor their wives, and parents raise the next generation to respect one another. Ask God to increase the reach of churches in Peru as they share who God is with their families, neighbors, and communities.
  • Unified ministry. Pray that more and more pastors and churches include “Treating Others Well,” “Stop the Violence,” and “Building Healthy Families” as part of their holistic ministry. Also pray that municipal, police, and government authorities commit themselves to combating domestic violence.

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