Pray that God will Comfort American Troops and Veterans

The Never Alone Website Provides Scriptural Hope and Healing for All Our Heroes

While on active duty in Afghanistan, Sgt. Bryan Flanery was critically injured. He suffered two spinal surgeries, a partial hip replacement, shoulder surgery, and a near knee replacement, leaving him feeling hopeless.

After a failed suicide attempt, Sgt. Flanery decided to turn to God and the Bible for hope. And God turned his sorrow into joy: “Over the last five years I have transformed from hopeless, to regaining my joy, peace, and hope … Learning God’s Word allowed me to understand my true identity as a child of God and know what God says about me,” he says.

Sgt. Flanery is not alone. There are an estimated 18.8 million Veterans in the United States, many who have experienced severe physical and emotional injuries. These traumatic experiences can lead to hopelessness, anger, and depression. But God wants to comfort the brave men and women who are suffering, and reassure them that he is near.

That is why American Bible Society’s Armed Services Ministry, with the prayer and support of our partners, has developed the Never Alone website. It offers encouragement, wisdom, and biblical resources for Armed Services members and Veterans suffering from the pain of trauma. Digital Scripture guides are available, like God Understands, along with video testimonials of Veterans who have found hope in God’s Word. There are also links to local organizations for additional assistance.

Will you join us in prayer that our Veterans will experience the healing comfort of God’s Word and realize they are never alone?

Please pray:

  • Pray for resources like Never Alone to be useful Scriptural tools in meeting the critical spiritual needs of our nation’s military, Veterans, and their families.
  • Pray that God will heal the physical ailments of our Veterans and restore them to wholeness. Pray that he would mend emotional and spiritual brokenness. Ask him to replace despair with comfort and hope.
  • Ask God to give wisdom to chaplains, organizations, and volunteers who work with Veterans. Pray that God will provide resources to help Veterans with homes, jobs, medical assistance, and other needs.

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