Prayer Request: First Complete Sign Language Bible

Pray for the translation of the first complete sign language Bible for the deaf community

We long for the day when all people will have access to the life-changing message of the Bible in the language of their heart—including the deaf community. That’s why, together with our partners, American Bible Society is supporting the translation of the first-ever complete American Sign Language (ASL) Bible.

The Need

There are an estimated 70 million deaf people in the world and an estimated 350 sign languages. Only one of these languages—ASL—has a complete New Testament and portions of the Old Testament. But there is still no complete Bible for people who communicate in ASL. In addition, ASL communicators need supplemental materials to help in understanding and engaging with God’s Word.

The Opportunity

Together with our partners, including DOOR, Deaf Missions, Deaf Bible Society, Seed Company, Wycliffe-USA, and Pioneer Bible Translators, American Bible Society is supporting work to complete the full Bible in ASL. Upon completion in 2021, it will not only become the first full Bible for the deaf community, but also serve as a reference for other sign language translations around the world. To help the deaf community build context, a series of sign language Bible stories are being created simultaneously with the Bible translation.

Join us in praying for the completion of the ASL Bible and the impact it will have on the deaf community.

Pray for:

  • Resources and tools needed to complete this translation.
  • Growing collaboration among Bible translation agencies endeavoring to reach the deaf community with the Word of God.
  • Wisdom and strength for all translators and partners involved in this project.
  • The deaf community as they eagerly wait to receive the complete American Sign Language Bible.

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Erle Deira
Erle Deira

The Rev. Erle S. Deira is the executive director of translation programs at American Bible Society. He has been with American Bible Society since 2006, coming with an extensive background in various ministry capacities, including former general secretary of the Suriname Bible Society and founder of Paraklesis Ministries International in Suriname to mentor pastors and young leaders.

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