This Veterans Day, We Want Every Veteran to Know God Understands

Honor our American heroes by praying for them and asking God to meet their needs

On Veterans Day, November 11, 2021, American Bible Society honors the brave men and women who have served in the U.S. armed forces. We want every Veteran to know that we are grateful for their numerous sacrifices, enduring commitment, and immeasurable courage to step into harm’s way so we wouldn’t have to.

And we also want every Veteran to know that God understands every heartache and struggle they are facing. He sees their spiritual injuries resulting from their Military service, and he wants to comfort them. God wants to heal each warriors’ heart and he’s using his Word to do it.

God Understands: Scripture for Warriors in Need

To help Veterans find comfort in the truth of God’s Word, American Bible Society’s Armed Services Ministry together with Chaplains from Veterans Affairs created God Understands. God Understands is a captivating resource that provides healing, hope, and comfort for Veterans dealing with spiritual, physical, and emotional brokenness. Pairing military stories with Bible passages, the series covers eight themes based on the following spiritual injuries: anger, grief, doubt, guilt, fear of death, hopelessness, meaninglessness, and a sense that life is unfair.

And it is making a huge impact in the lives of Veterans across our nation! One Chaplain said, “Thank you so much for facilitating this service to our Veterans. The spiritual resources you provide are extremely helpful and are requested every day. Thanks for helping us make a difference in the spiritual lives of our Veterans here in Charleston, SC!”

Pray for Veterans and their Families

The God Understands series has helped thousands of men and women experience the healing that comes through God’s Word. Your prayers can help even more men and women understand God’s living and active Word and bring health and healing to Veterans and their families. Join us as we pray for them.

Father, we pray for nearly 20 million Veterans and their families. We pray that they will find peace and rest in your Word. God, we ask you to encourage them in their faith and bring healing to their lives as they use resources like God Understands. We also pray for Military Chaplains as they offer wisdom and counsel and point these warriors to God’s Word.

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Nena Podbury
Nena Podbury

Nena Podbury is a Prayer Mobilization Associate at American Bible Society. Originally from the Bronx, she served in children’s ministry for 12 years doing Sidewalk Sunday School. Nena is married with two children, Noah and Emilia.

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