Urgent: Pray as Central America Suffers Devastating Hurricane Season

Thousands are displaced, hurting, and afraid. Let’s ask God for his grace, mercy and help.

Hurricane Eta is one of the most ferocious storms to hit Central America in years. The Category four storm damaged thousands of homes and caused catastrophic flooding across the region. In the worst-hit countries of Nicaragua, Honduras, and Guatemala, 200 people have died, 113 are still missing, and more than 300,000 people have been displaced.

In the aftermath of the storm, Central Americans are trying to piece together what’s left of their shattered lives. Many are grieving the loss of loved ones buried in their homes by mudslides or swept up by rivers whose banks burst. Others have lost everything. Their homes destroyed by floods and their belongings washed away.

And they are not out of the woods yet. Hurricane Iota, a Category 4 hurricane also seems to be threatening many areas of Central America.

Our dear brothers and sisters need our support in this difficult time.

How can I help?

In moments like these, we are reminded that we are not helpless. We can offer support through our prayers. Our prayers invite God’s help in the most hopeless situations. Here are 4 prayers of hope for the people of Central America. Pray for:

  • Comfort for the grieving. Ask God to wrap his arms around those who have lost loved ones, homes, health, and security. Pray that his peace will fill their hearts and minds.
  • Humanitarian Aid to Pour In. Pray for food, water, and medical supplies to make their way to all those affected by the storm. Pray that people will give generously to help those in need.
  • Bible Societies responding with God’s Word. Pray for the Bible Societies of Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Panama, Guatemala, and Cuba as they seek to reach out with physical and spiritual aid. Pray for their wisdom, strength, and protection.
  • Protection from Hurricane Iota. Pray for the weakening of Hurricane Iota, which made landfall in Central America overnight. Pray no lives will be lost and that these nations won’t suffer further damage.

You can help hurting people find comfort and hope in God’s Word during one of the most desperate times in their lives. Help us bring God’s Word to victims of Hurricane Eta.

Help Support Hurting People in Central America

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