Record Spring 2019 Issue

This issue of Record contains stories that start in dark places. Violence. Oppression. Persecution. Praise God, however, that they don’t stay there! When God’s Word enters the scene, a person’s whole perspective shifts. Read how you provided a 90-year-old with her first Bible. Hear one American soldier’s take on why reading the Bible really matters. Rejoice at how Scripture is bringing healing to Syrians who have endured war, kidnappings, and great grief.

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Beyond the Ban

It’s 3:00 a.m. Ma Wen’s eyes blink open in the predawn quiet of her room. Immediately, waves of excitement roll through her body. Even at ninety years old, she can hardly keep herself...

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Love Your Enemy

“You dog,” Maria’s captor spits the words at her. Maria stays very still. She is blindfolded but can sense the room is full of people. Sounds of others being tortured echo around her, and...

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Combat Calm

David*, a U.S. Army Soldier, picked up a camouflage Bible when he arrived at basic training. “It changed my outlook on Scripture, it showed me how personally the Word of God can be taken,...

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Lessons from Grandpa’s Chair

Little Gabby tip-toes up the stairs. She can barely reach the handle to her grandparents’ bedroom door, but her sticky fingers still twist the doorknob with all their might. She peeks inside and discovers just...

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Discover Joy in God’s Promises this Easter

I had been waiting my whole life for what my parents had promised me. Okay, so it was only a few months. But to my six-year-old brain, it was an eternity. When I finally got...

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