70 Lives Transformed at Bible Society Event in Kuwait

325 New Testaments and Bibles distributed to migrant worker participants

Migrant workers in Kuwait face very difficult conditions, and sharing God’s Word of comfort and guidance with the Christians among them is a key part of the ministry of the Bible Society in the Gulf (BSG).

At a recent event, 60 migrant workers accepted Christ and 10 were baptized. The BSG reported that a “very great event” took place on the first day of the Ramadan Eid holiday in a basement in Mahboula. It was “a golden chance” to come together because it was a public holiday, and workers did not want to miss a gathering organized specially for them.

More than 450 attended the worship service that was organized by the Tamil congregation of Christ Mission Fellowship (CMF) in coordination with the BSG. The group came together from different places and different backgrounds for one reason: to worship the Lord. The celebratory meeting was a great opportunity for worship, praise, and fellowship, away from the burdens of hard work and duties. Of course, the BSG was there to support, encourage, and share the Word of God.

“Akin to a miracle,” 60 migrants accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and 10 were baptized that day.

Yousef Sabri, the representative of the BSG in Kuwait, shared with the audience a message based on three figures from the Bible: Joshua who crossed the Jordan and defeated the enemy, Jesus who defeated Satan, and Peter who won many souls for the Lord by the power of the Word of God. The audience was highly engaged in the message, and an animated Q&A session followed the presentation.

At the end of the event, 325 New Testaments and Bibles in Hindi, Punjabi, Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu were distributed to the participants, including the newly baptized, in special envelopes. Their happiness and appreciation were so genuine and the BSG feels grateful for the success of this special gathering on a day when it was 52ºC (125ºF) outside.

After the program, Pastor Babu approached Yousef and said, “A big thank you to God and to the BSG for making this such a spiritually successful occasion. Thank you for the free Scriptures. We do not have the means to provide our congregation and the big number of new Christians with Scriptures in their own languages. I was expecting not more than 300, but the number of attendees reached 450. Praise the Lord.”

Rajeef, Assistant Pastor, was overjoyed by what he witnessed. This is how he expressed his feelings: “It is indeed a great day. I am so happy to see people coming to Christ from different tongues and backgrounds. The message about the importance of God’s Word was a blessing to many. Our poor and simple people are so glad because of the free gift of the BSG. Please pray for us and our ministry among the abused, homesick migrant workers in Kuwait. May God bless you.”

Several migrant workers shared their testimonies at the event:

  • “Before attended the meeting I don’t have the belief in God. I came to the meeting only because of my friend. But during the worship and prayer I got a peaceful mind and my heart was filled with joy. That time I decided to accept Jesus Christ as my own Savior in my life.”
  • “I came to this meeting—I thought—to disturb others and make noise. But during the worship time I forgot all the evil things and submitted my heart to God.”
  • “I attended this meeting only because my friend encouraged me to come. Before the meeting I didn’t have any peace of mind about my family problems. But during the prayer time I felt God’s love and his sacrifice in my life at right time. I decided to invite Jesus Christ to be my Savior.”
  • “I attend this meeting as an ordinary sinful man. During this meeting I felt that Jesus Christ had forgiven all my sinful life. At the right time I confessed Jesus as my Savior and submitted my heart to God. I got baptized.”

God is doing great things among those who need him. The BSG is faithful to the Great Commission and is adamant to use every opportunity to spread the good news of the gospel. Please pray for those whose lives were changed through the gathering that day so that they will remain steadfast in their new faith and lead others to Jesus Christ—the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

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