A Precious Gift

God’s Word is bringing hope to people in rural Ghana.

Almost 7 million people in Ghana live off of less than $1 a day. Those living in the rural northern part of the country suffer through droughts, floods, lack of basic infrastructure, and fewer opportunities for education.

Samuel*, like many people in these rural areas, worked as a subsistence farmer and struggled to survive. He lived in a mud hut in a small village and had little hope for his future.

Although Samuel occasionally attended church and had received a Bible in English, he couldn’t fully comprehend God’s love because English is not his native language.

“I did not appreciate the Word of God,” Samuel says. “I felt like He was far away from me.”

When Samuel heard that the New Testament was available in his heart language of Dagaare, he immediately requested a copy. And thanks to believers like you, he received his very first Bible in his heart language!

“Receiving this Bible was a blessing,” Samuel says. “It is as if God is speaking directly to me since I can read the Bible in my own language.”

Samuel says his new Bible will help him better know Jesus and change his life.

“My Bible is one of the most precious gifts I have ever received. It will help shape my life according to the true Word of God.”

We are so grateful for our partners’ dedication to the Great Commission. Because of the Bible they helped provide, a life was changed and a soul was saved — for eternity!

*Name changed to protect privacy.

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