Christian festivals in Egypt feature ‘Kingo’ to encourage boys and girls to grow in faith

Every year, children in Egypt engage with the Bible for the first time at Christian festivals. Many of them have their first encounter with Bible stories because of a likeable lion named Kingo who shares stories and lessons from Scripture.

“Kingo! Kingo!” All of the children excitedly chant the name, “Kingo! Kingo!” Suddenly, a bigger-than-life costumed lion clad in a bright shirt bounds onto stage. The children squeal with laughter. They know him well.

Children attend Kingo festival events all across Egypt and receive Bibles and Scripture materials. They see Bible stories unfold with puppets and songs. The enthusiastic boys and girls love it!

One little boy named Ammon* excitedly held up his Bible and said, “My favorite Bible story is the story of how Jesus fed five thousand. Jesus can do incredible things. He will forgive me; he will bless my home and fill us with his goodness. But he can also sit down quietly and just be with me.”

Kingo festivals fill a need among the churches to provide Bible-based teaching for their children. Egypt has half of the total Christian population in the Middle East, and the Bible Society is doing all it can to encourage young people to be strong in their faith. As one Bible Society leader says, “This is an investment in the future of Christianity in the Middle East.”

*Name changed to protect identity.

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