Abused No More: Sarah Finds Safe Haven in God’s Word

The Bible provides hope and healing for hurting young girls in Guatemala

In her short 8 years of life, Sarah* knew little joy. All she knew was poverty, violence, and abuse.

“My stepfather used to beat me a lot,” she remembers. That’s when she fled to the streets. When she discovered the streets were even more frightening, it was too late.

Saul Sosa of Bible Society of Guatemala says, “In Guatemala, we have a very big problem. Young girls are vulnerable to abuse and gangs. These girls need love and attention.”

Sarah admits that she tried to kill herself after being abused over and over again. She felt worthless. Sadly, her experience is not unique.

“That is why the Word of God is so important for these girls,” Sosa says. “It gives them a reason to live. They read in the Bible that God loves them, and they have hope.”

Sarah received her first Bible at age 12, and it changed her life!

“I love the Bible,” she says with excitement as she clutches her treasure. “I like to read the Bible. I feel peace in my heart. I feel calm. It helped me to stop thinking about the past. Sometimes I still feel scared. When I have the Bible in my hands, that fear goes away.”

The support of American Bible Society financial partners is making life-changing differences for the youth of Guatemala through Bible-based trauma healing efforts that help vulnerable youth and others in dire need.

When God’s Word is placed in the hands of hurting children like Sarah, we see God’s forgiveness and grace transform lives!

* Named changed to protect identity.

Thanks to the support of our faithful financial partners, American Bible Society has been engaging people with the life-changing message of God’s Word for more than 200 years.

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