Amy Grant: Experiencing a Rich History of God's Word

The ABS Rare Scriptures Collection - Centuries of God's Enduring Word

Amy Grant and Dr. Liana Lupas. Photo by David Singer.

Dr. Liana Lupas, keeper of the largest collection of Bibles in the Western hemisphere, has a contagious appreciation for the American Bible Society’s collection of some 45,000 copies of Bibles and New Testaments. She often has opportunity to share her enthusiasm with Bible specialists - specialists that you might expect: history or biblical scholars, theologians, anthropologists and pastors. But Dr. Lupas also has a keen sense that these volumes are not just for the experts, igniting similar curiosity and wonder in the non-specialist browsing this powerful collection.

A Walk through History

Over just the last few years, Dr. Lupas has shared this rare collection with hundreds, marveling to see the message of God’s Word stretching back to the very first Bibles from around the world. Most recently, this invitation included one of the most important pioneers of contemporary Christian music, singer/songwriter, Amy Grant. Introduced to the American Bible Society through Philanthropic Advisor, Dan Dorrill, Amy was in New York promoting a benefit concert for Challenge America, which supports wounded military personnel and their families. The event takes place at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts in Washington D.C. on June 8th.

After making her round of television appearances, Amy took time off from her promotion to come to Bible House. Throughout her 25-year singing career Amy has expressed her deep reverence for the Word. One of her early hits, Thy Word, taken from Psalm 119, succinctly sums up her regard for the Bible, “Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light to my path.” So, her tour of this discovered treasure at Bible House had a special poignancy.

Rediscovering the Lasting Word

“The way God’s Word has the ability to speak to us shows that it’s really living,” says Amy. “The Bible will outlast absolutely everything, every idea, every movement. It’s life-changing. Through the Bible God speaks to us and we are transformed by it.”

Amy says she finds the current instant information culture a bit exasperating. “Because information is so instantly and ubiquitously accessible, young people don’t feel the need to… memorize Scripture. People no longer feel the need to have God’s Word become a part of who they are.”

Amy Grant and Dr. Liana Lupas. Photo by David Singer.

To help her memorize Scripture, Amy says she has been putting passages like Ephesians 6 to music. “When I was a kid, I would come downstairs each morning in my pajamas to see my parents sitting in the living room reading the Bible. I try to set the same example for my own children.”

The Rare Scriptures Collection at Bible House in New York City is available for your exploration of centuries of God’s Word. Tours are by appointment only. Please call the American Bible Society at 212.408.1204.

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