Bible-Based Trauma Healing Program Helps Victims of War

God’s Word transforms more than 165,000 lives in Central Africa.

“I lost everything during the war, but once again God is restoring me and my family. Once again, I now have a Bible that I treasure,” said Martina, a believer struggling to rebuild her life in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

So many of those living in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and across Central Africa, know firsthand the atrocities of warfare, genocide, and abuse. And their pain endures long after those traumatic experiences have ended.

To help them, American Bible Society has developed a Bible-based Trauma Healing program.

All throughout the pages of the Bible is a message of healing. And the message of a faithful and loving God who cares deeply for our souls, our spirits, and our lives is life-changing. As people go through the Bible-based Trauma Healing seminar and apply the biblical principles they learn, their hearts begin to heal.

“I thank God for this Trauma Healing training because, as a victim of war who has suffered for years, God has remembered us through this program,” says Martina.

God’s Word has also helped 20-year-old Moambi, who suffered violence at the hands of a stranger. “Since the time I was abused two years ago, I have been a bitter person asking God, ‘why me?’” says Moambi. “The Trauma Healing training and counseling continues to reassure me that God’s Word is true. I received the Bible that I continue to read for spiritual growth and restoration.”

Because of the faithfulness of American Bible Society financial partners, more than 165,000 traumatized people from Central Africa have experienced healing through God’s Word. Scripture is being placed in the hands of hurting people like Martina and Moambi and helping God’s forgiveness and grace transform lives!

Thanks to the support of our faithful financial partners, American Bible Society has been engaging people with the life-changing message of God’s Word for more than 200 years.

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