Centuries of God's Word Ignite Wonder

Amy Grant visits the Rare Scriptures collection at Bible House

“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path” (KJV). Reading these words from Psalm 119 brings to mind “Thy Word,“ a song by Amy Grant, one of the pioneers of contemporary Christian music. Throughout her 25-year career, Amy has powerfully expressed a deep reverence for the Word.

This spring, Amy came to ABS headquarters, and toured the largest collection of Scriptures in the western hemisphere with Dr. Liana Lupas. Liana's contagious appreciation for the collection — some 45,000 copies of Bibles and New Testaments — ignites curiosity and wonder.

“Because information is so instantly and ubiquitously accessible, young people don’t feel the need to own anything — to memorize Scripture,” she said.

To aid her own memorization effort, Amy sets Scripture passages to music. “When I was a kid, I would come downstairs each morning in my pajamas to see my parents sitting in the living room reading the Bible. I try to set the same example.”

The Rare Scriptures Collection at Bible House in New York is available for your exploration. Tours are by appointment only. Please call toll-free at 866-895-4448.

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