Combatting Domestic Violence with God’s Word in Bolivia

Men’s program encourages Scripture study to heal and strengthen families.

Ask Freddy* about the worst day of his life, and he’ll tell you it was the day he discovered his daughter was being abused by her uncle.

“In that moment, a deep guilt and sadness took over me,” Freddy says. “I felt responsible. I went into a terrible depression and rage.”

Freddy was so angry, in fact, that he left his wife and blamed her for everything. He was passing by a church when a man said to him, “Friend, we are beginning to gather so we can study the Bible. Would you like to come and join us?” Freddy joined and was immediately transformed.

“It is incredible that God is working in my life,” says Freddy. “I know now that He is our hope and the solution is him working in my life.”

The Bible study Freddy began attending is part of a program for men in the area, started because Bolivia has the highest rates of violence against women in Latin America. Many married couples live in crisis, enduring fighting and bitterness.

Men like Freddy receive Bibles of their own which help them continue to heal. And for many, this is their very first copy of God’s Word.

“I am trying to get all my friends and their friends to come with me to the meetings so that they can learn and don’t make the mistakes that I did,” he says.

God’s Word is helping people put aside resentment, pain, and anger to break the cycle of violence in their families … and live a life of peace and love in accordance with the hope only Christ and His kingdom can give.

The support of American Bible Society’s financial partners makes it possible to provide the comfort of God’s Word to men like Freddy and their families in Bolivia.

* Name changed to protect identity.

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