“I became a Christian through the audio Bible.”

People are coming to faith by hearing the Word of God.

Growing up in extreme poverty in Chiapas, Mexico, Jose* left home as a young teenager. He spent several years living on the streets, fighting, stealing, and worse to get by.

In his words, he lived a nightmare. He recalls, “The hardest thing in my life was to be on the street with no family . . . without hope . . . without peace. I was spiritually dead.”

Now 23, Jose is married and has an adorable little girl. Though his wife began attending church regularly, Jose continued living in spiritual darkness. But that changed when the Bible Society began audio Bible discipleship groups in his area.

Since illiteracy is a hurdle for many people in Jose’s community, audio Bibles offer them the opportunity to hear God’s message of salvation through Jesus Christ in their own heart language. Audio Bibles are made available in a way that lets anyone with a cell phone hear the life-changing Word of God.

Jose’s wife was given an audio Bible, and she asked him to listen to it. When Jose heard the message of God’s love for him, he surrendered his life to Jesus. He now says, “I came from the street. I had no religion. Now, Jesus has rescued me from death. I became a Christian through the audio Bible. I am like a new creation.”

We rely on our faithful partner’s support to reach men, women, and children — who are trapped in sin and darkness — with the power of God’s Word and we are so thankful for them!

*Name changed for privacy

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