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Resources for daily Scripture engagement

American Bible Society, along with some of our trusted partners, has created resources to help next generations engage Scripture. Here's a snapshot of just a few, across a range of technology platforms. We hope you will find one or more of them useful additions to your regular Bible study practices and share them with others.

Featured Resource: Hope Changes Everything

Hope Changes Everything is a web ministry customized by Northland Church that gives users a firm understanding of the power of God's Word to heal wounds of the heart. Eight topics deal with everything from addiction and anger to grief and guilt, using videos and relevant Scripture to reveal the healing nature of God.

Find hope and renewed vision for your walk at

Bible Minded App

Want to memorize Scripture quickly? There's an app for that. Bible Minded allows users to choose what they memorize and how they memorize it. The app has many customizable features, such as memorization plans and methods for reviewing and testing yourself.

Bible minded is available for free download at Google Play, Amazon Android and iTunes App stores.

Journey through Scripture

Whether it's a daily or weekly email, Bible study, audio, print or text message, a Scripture-based Journey can help you explore the eternal truths of the Bible in the way that best fits your life.

Find the Scripture Journey that deepens your relationship with God at

Challenge Your Bible Knowledge with New App

The American Bible Challenge is a new hit game show on the Game Show Network. Producers of the show have created a new app for Facebook and Apple devices that provides a platform for viewers to test their own Bible knowledge, earn points and compete against their friends. American Bible Society provided the content for the app.

Show host Jeff Foxworthy encourages players of all levels as they progress through four different styles of questions on the app. Any incorrect answers get loaded into the Bible study section of the app where players can study up for next time, using the ABS online Bible.

To download the app, go to

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