“Everyone wanted the Bible!”

Bible Society staff in Ukraine risk their lives to distribute Bibles and life-saving aid.

The devastation in Ukraine is beyond comprehension. An elderly Ukrainian man, holding a loaf of bread in one hand and his new Bible in the other, said, “I think this Bible is more important than daily bread for me now. I never prayed before. I’ve never been to church or read the Bible, but I know that now it is time to come closer to God.”

In the midst of the horrors of war, Ukrainians are turning to God like never before. One 25-year-old soldier described his experience on the battlefield, saying, “God opened Himself to me, led me to believe in His existence. I am so thankful to Him that I am here, alive, and for the Bible I received.” Another shared how he prayed for God’s protection as artillery shells dropped all around him.

For the millions of Ukrainians who have evacuated — the largest refugee crisis since World War II — the help of our friends is a lifeline. Many left everything behind but their faith. Others have walked so far, their shoes are completely worn out.

Suffering a different kind of trauma are those Ukrainians who are unable to flee . . . the disabled, the hospitalized, the elderly, the orphans . . . and of course, the brave soldiers who are ready to lay down their lives to protect them. Recently, Bible Society staff parked their van in an area where hundreds of Ukrainians were in line to receive food. To their surprise, their van was rushed by nearly 100 grateful people who had been waiting for food, and they said, “Everyone wanted the Bible!”

Please continue to pray for Ukraine, for an end to this war, and for the protection of those who have stayed behind, risking their lives to distribute the Bibles and life-saving aid our partners help provide.

Though the need is massive, our friends’ generosity is providing Bibles, Scripture resources, and life-saving aid to help Ukrainians who are desperately seeking the hope that is only found in Christ.

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