The audio Bibles you helped provide are giving hope to the blind around the world.

Mariana is 56 years old and has been blind since she was 40. When a friend invited her to church, hearing the preaching of

the Word of God stirred her heart. Later, Mariana was given a solar-powered audio Bible of her own and has surrendered her life to Jesus! She shares, “I can’t stop thanking you and sharing this treasure that is the Bible.”

As an officer in the Uganda People’s Defense Forces, Major Muhindo was blinded when an enemy grenade exploded in his hand as
he attempted to throw it back to protect his soldiers. He had been a Christian since childhood and now missed being able to read God’s Word. The day he received a new audio Bible from the Bible Society was sheer joy. He shares, “For me, it is not only about listening; it is as if I am with Jesus Himself. This is my daily food. God has answered my prayer.”

Helena* received an audio Bible at the school for Blind children she attends. She was amazed that anyone could understand her
need and create such a device. She said, “God is great! I feel good by hearing God’s Word through the audio Bible; I feel the touch of His Spirit.”

Samuel* became blind in 1992, during Liberia’s civil war. He serves at his local church and plays the drums during worship
services. He enjoys conducting the audio Bible study sessions and shares, “The audio Bible has helped me understand God’s Word as I listen to it in my language (Grebo).”

Thank you for helping provide audio Bibles for men, women, and children who are blind, visually impaired, or can’t read. You
are giving them and others worldwide the opportunity to hear the Word of God and be transformed by the Gospel.

*Names changed to protect privacy.

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