Give to What You Love

“Find something you love and give to that,” is the wise advice Rachel MacQuarrie received from her mother Helen Cox when she was a child. Helen had been an American Bible Society donor since 1949, the year she became a believer through reading an ABS Bible.

Gilbert and Helen Cox were devout Presbyterians and brought up their three daughters to believe in God. Rachel watched her mother read her Bible, pray and make notes in her journal every day. When Rachel found Helen's journals after she passed away, she discovered that Helen would comment on what she was studying in God's Word and an insight she had. She might also say something about what was going on. Rachel found the place where her own daughter was mentioned: “Emily born today.”

What Rachel cherishes about her mother's spirit is that “She was definitely joyful and thankful, and she worked at being that way, especially after our father died.”

When Helen passed away in June 2011, Rachel wanted to honor her memory, and she realized that she, too, loved the mission of ABS. So, she is continuing her mother's legacy as a life-long donor to American Bible Society. She is still following her mother's wise advice.

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