Giving From The Heart

'I pray that they may all be one. Father!' John 17:21a (GNT)

Dr. Pauline Cason is a woman who doesn't waste time. When she was 5 years old, she told her mother she wanted to be baptized. The minister asked Pauline why, and she said, “Well, I love Jesus, and I want to do whatever he wants me to do. I want to belong to him.” That simple profession of faith was all the minister needed to hear; he baptized her in a creek.

Always on the fast track, Dr. Cason taught Sunday school to toddlers when she was 8 years old. At 16, she went to college. She married, had four children, got a job and earned a doctorate in organizational design and management.

But a series of painful personal events caused her faith to stumble. And that's when God stepped in.

Dr. Cason says he “thumped” her on the head, “peeling her like an onion.” With a renewed sense of purpose, she sensed God prompting her to work for unity in the body of Christ. She stepped into serving people and giving to others, including American Bible Society.

“I picked ABS because they take the Gospel to the world.”

Through her generous contributions, Dr. Cason has helped ABS spread the Good News to the world. One gift, for instance, resulted in the purchase of a boat in Paraguay for the Amazon river ministry, enabling isolated villages to receive medical and spiritual care.

Dr. Cason and her husband, Charles, have a special place in their hearts for Veterans and active troops. Through the years, they've hosted events for ABS's Armed Services Ministry to honor and support military heroes.

They also passionately believe in the whole church work of ABS as a key component to church unity. To that end, Pauline and Charles have held monthly breakfasts to encourage Christians to stretch across denominations.

“I love Christians,” Dr. Cason says. “My calling in life is to work across denominational lines, when possible, to promote unity in the Church.”

The Casons care deeply about ABS's mission and work, so much so that they have included ABS in their will.

“I think this country was built on God's Word and on faith,” Dr. Cason says. “I believe ABS supports the continuation of that foundation.” And the Casons' legacy gift will enable ABS to remain on the fast track in its ministry to the country and the world.

Thanks to the support of our faithful financial partners, American Bible Society has been engaging people with the life-changing message of God’s Word for more than 200 years.

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