“God Made A Great Change In My Family”

Audio Bible shining light into entire community with the Gospel.

As much as he is ashamed to admit it, Youssef* became frustrated in the small village where they lived in Niger, West Africa, and he took it out on his family.

Then, the young husband heard something that changed his life forever — the Bible. Youssef began listening to Scripture through the audio Bible outreach.

“When we began to listen to the Word through the audio Bible, God made a great change in my family through listening and discussions,” Youssef explains. “Peace has returned to my family. We pray together and share our feelings. Now everything is back in order. Without the audio Bible, it is possible that I was going to cause my wife to leave me.”

Support for audio Bible listening groups is transforming families throughout West Africa . . . and others are noticing.

“The people of the village also have family problems,” Youssef says. “When they noticed the change in our family, the women approached my wife to ask her secret that changed her husband. Slowly, the number of people in the listening groups is increasing because of my life change.”

Niger is a predominantly Muslim country, so the best testimony of the Gospel is a family who is engaged in and living out God’s Word. The region is also suffering from instability with violent attacks increasing and targeting both churches and Christians. But more and more families are becoming living examples of the Gospel thanks to the support of the audio Bible listening program.

Thanks to the prayers and support from our faithful partners, we can equip more families to shine the light of Christ in the face of persecution and challenges. Our audio Bible outreach is a powerful tool to share the Gospel with entire communities.

*Name changed for privacy

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