Inbox: In the Middle East, All Things Are Possible with God

Labib Madanat shares his experience of sharing God’s Word in the Middle East

Labib Madanat has worked in the Middle East for more than 20 years to share the Bible’s message of peace. Photo credit Benjamin Leaman.

When Labib Madanat helped start the Palestinian Bible Society in the early ‘90s, he had no idea what to expect. In fact, he thought the organization’s mission—to make the Bible available to Palestinians in Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza Strip—would be difficult, given the many different groups vying for power in the region.

But God was at work, says Madanat, and the results taught him never to underestimate the power of the Lord. “We lived the most wonderful story of God’s
faithfulness as we saw the Bible being distributed widely among the Palestinians.”

Even more important, the Bible’s message went deep into the Palestinian communities, from Gaza to Jericho to Bethlehem to Samaria. Jesus’ command to love and forgive others captivated the hearts and minds of the Palestinian people.

“The Lord surprised us,” Madanat adds. “The Holy Spirit was already at work among the people, and they were ready to embrace the Good News of Jesus Christ. All they needed was for us to go and serve them.”
Madanat is now working with American Bible Society to help continue the Bible mission in the Middle East. He invites American Christians to help see God’s purposes for this troubled region—which needs God’s Word more than ever—to come true.

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