God’s Word changes hearts in Bolivia.

“My New Testament has changed my life.”

Antonio* was not always the head of a happy family in Bolivia, and his wife and children did not always look at him with the love that they do now.

“I used to be very unfair to my family,” Antonio says. “I was very authoritarian and never gave them any consideration. I was the only one who knew everything.”

But one day, Antonio became very ill. When he was in the hospital, friends of the Bible Society provided Antonio with a large print New Testament. By the second day of reading his Scripture, Antonio was in tears.

“My roommates in the hospital thought I was crying in pain,” he says. “But they were tears of regret. The New Testament showed me that I had not treated my family correctly.”

Once he recovered and was released from the hospital, Antonio began going to church services. He also started attending group meetings of a Bible Society initiative called “A Man After God’s Heart,” which helps men improve their marriages by studying the principles and Christian values found in the Bible.

“My children and wife are very happy now because I am a different person,” Antonio says. “Thank you for giving us a message of hope.”

Luis* is another man in Bolivia whose life and marriage have been improved thanks to the Scriptures provided by American Bible Society friends like you.

“My New Testament has changed my life,” he says. “I am no longer the aggressive man who imposes his authority… God’s Word helped me understand that my role as a man is to give care and confidence to my family.”

We are so grateful to our financial partners for giving men, and families, in Bolivia the life-changing power of God’s Word.

*Names changed to protect privacy

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