God’s Word is Transforming Lives in Nigeria

"I was a terrible drunkard until my encounter with the Bible."

He lost his business, his money, and the respect of his family and the people he served as village leader . . . but that didn’t stop Samuel* from drinking. He even noticed his skin beginning to change color. Then one day, a local pastor invited Samuel to attend an audio Bible listening session.

“I have never been interested in Christianity, but after several invitations, I attended,” Samuel recalls. He was sober that day, and what he heard left an impression. So, he came back again — and again. Eventually, he shares, “I heard and saw that the Lord loves me and does not want me to perish.”

Now, the other villagers can hardly believe the complete transformation they have seen in Samuel. He no longer drinks, he is a responsible leader and father, and his skin has regained its normal color.

The audio Bibles our generous partners helped provide are also impacting some of the Fulani people in Nigeria. The Fulani are predominately Muslim nomads who maintain herds of cattle across West Africa. Violent clashes arise when Fulani herdsmen graze their cattle on local farmers’ crops — destroying them. When the farmers complain, the herdsmen attack the entire community with lethal force.

Since the audio Bible listening groups began, some Fulanis have started coming in secret to hear the Word of God. At this time, intense fear of persecution keeps them from openly following Jesus. Please pray that God’s Word continues to transform lives in Nigeria!

*Names changed for privacy

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