His Greatest Treasure: A Bible of His Own!

You are helping place Bibles into seeking hearts and hands all over China

As a traditional Buddhist, when Wonli* became seriously ill and couldn’t afford medical care, he began to seek healing at the local temple. He often listened to the radio as he traveled, and one day, he heard the Gospel message for the first time. He wanted to learn more about the “Bible” they spoke of but couldn’t find one to purchase anywhere.

Wonli eventually met a church elder who loaned him a Bible from time to time. Wonli copied the entire New Testament by hand so he could read it whenever he wanted.

Thankfully, with the help of our dedicated partners, Wonli was soon blessed with his greatest treasure: a complete Bible of his own!

Now, he says, “Bibles are still difficult to obtain in our village. So, when I know of someone desiring a copy, I give them mine. Amazingly, each time I do, God provides another one for me. I cannot think of anything more wonderful than watching people change the way they live after reading this book. I want to multiply this process as many times as I can. Please thank the people who give to make this possible.”

We are thankful for the kindness of our friends that help make Bibles available to people like Wonli in China!

*Name changed for privacy

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