God’s Word Transforms a Shaman in Laos

Palani now regularly listens to the Khmu audio Bible and attends church.

Palani* was a practicing shaman in Laos for many years who would say he was surrounded by evil spirits. Palani tried to battle and leverage these spirits to heal people.

But after witchcraft failed to heal his father when he was sick, Palani was very upset. He heard about Jesus Christ’s healing power and wanted to learn more.

Palani took a bus into the city to find a church. While he was looking out the window, he saw a cross on a building. “Stop!” he shouted. “Let me out!” He got off the bus and was welcomed warmly by the church members.

Palani is now a Christian and no longer sees evil spirits. Because he can’t read, he listens to the Khmu audio Bible and regularly attends church. He’s raising his three daughters in the Christian faith, and they study the Bible, too.

His daughter Kalani** shares, “Without the Bible, I would not know God’s way and have no guidance in daily life.” God’s Word has changed Palani’s life and resulted in love and peace in his family. But many others in Laos, one of the poorest nations in Southeast Asia, are in desperate need of Scripture.

Thanks to American Bible Society’s financial partners, Palani found joy and peace through Christ. Please pray that God’s love transforms more lives in Southeast Asia.

*Name changed to protect identities.

**Name and image changed to protect identities.

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