“Having a Bible is like having Jesus in the House!”

You are helping Tanzanian villagers hear the Gospel and turn to Jesus!

Life has been difficult for 15-year-old Rosalia*. She is the only daughter in a family of seven children born to her father by his three wives. Rosalia lives with her mother and brother in a hut made from grass and mud that also houses their cow, goats, and chickens. She has suffered abuse and was kept from starting school at the proper age, but Rosalia quickly excelled in her lessons.

In her village in Tanzania, witchcraft and idolatry are very common, so Rosalia knew nothing about Christianity. But one night, the JESUS Film was shown in her village, and Rosalia accepted Jesus as her Savior! Soon after, she began attending an audio Bible listening group where she received her very first Bible, a special youth version with illustrations.

Now, she shares, “I am very different compared to my life before. My friends, neighbors, and other village members recognize me as a lucky person since I hold a book of God.”

Rosalia says, “Having a Bible is like having Jesus in the house.” Her father makes her leave the Bible with him because he wants to protect it, but he returns it to her whenever she asks. Friends from school sometimes visit her to share the Bible, and she often reads to her uncle and grandfather, too.

We are thankful to our partners for helping unreached people like Rosalia and her family receive God’s Word so they can know Jesus as their Savior!

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