“He has been asking about God and the Bible.”

Providing Bibles to struggling refugees and their families.

For many years, millions of Middle Eastern refugees have been forced to flee their countries to escape war and persecution. Many struggle to survive financially, and the effects of both the pandemic and the lockdown have only caused more stress and heartache.

Many of these refugees are children. Their parents do what they can to care for them, but it can be hard to navigate these difficult circumstances.

And yet, thanks to our generous partners, adults can still receive their own Bibles, and young children like Yanni* can enjoy their own Bible storybooks.

Recently, during a children’s ministry program at a Middle Eastern church near Yanni’s hometown, the Bible Society distributed Bible storybooks to each of the children.

Little Yanni ran eagerly to share the stories he learned, and he spoke of how excited he was to have his very first Bible storybook.

When the children received their books, they also listened to Bible stories together, with the Bible Society’s children’s team. Just like Yanni, they were thrilled to begin learning even more stories, and they were ecstatic to continue reading their new Bibles.

Yanni’s father shares his delight at his son’s enthusiasm. He says, “I am overjoyed about Yanni’s excitement to learn about Bible stories. It has helped us with some of the questions he has been asking about God and the Bible.”

Many thanks to our friends for giving Bibles to refugees and families with children like Yanni, as well as so many others in the Middle East and beyond.

*Name changed for privacy

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