He Saw a Bright Light Coming from the Bible…

Former Prisoner & Fortune Teller finds Jesus through the Bible

When Arman* was in prison, he learned divination from his cellmate. Once his sentence ended, Arman used those techniques and made his basement a space for fortune-telling.

One woman approached him, believing a Bible her older sister had received from the Bible Society had cursed the two of them. Arman agreed with her assessment and took the Bible to attempt to defeat the curse.

But late that night, Arman saw a bright light coming from the Bible, and he was awed by the vision before him. He sat and read the Bible for hours.

As he read the Bible, Arman was struck by the account of Simon the magician in Acts 8. He decided to change his ways forever and asked to speak with the older sister, who had already become a Christian after receiving her Bible.

Thanks to the generosity of our partners, Arman received a Bible of his own and changed his life to follow Jesus and the teachings of God’s Word.

Arman is one of many people in Iran who have grown in their faith by reading the Bible. Iran has the fastest-growing population of Christians in the world, which is why they desperately need Bibles.

Through the Bible Society, Arman found a new, powerful light to guide him. His new life reflects Psalm 119:105, “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path” (NASB).

Arman devoted himself to following God’s Word, and his basement is now the site of a house church.

We are grateful to our faithful donors for bringing the light of the Gospel into the lives of people like Arman. Each time a Bible is placed in the hands of a waiting soul, a life-change is made that will last an eternity.

*Name changed for privacy

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