“That was my first very own Bible.”

You are providing Bibles to impoverished children in North Macedonia.

Economic struggles and worries have made their way into the homes of so many — including many believers in North Macedonia who yearn for spiritual support through Scripture. The majority of Macedonians who speak Slavic languages are Orthodox Christians. But because of poverty, many believers of all ages are still unable to access the Bible.

North Macedonia is the sixth poorest country in Europe out of 50 recognized countries on the continent. This also means North Macedonia is the poorest of the former Yugoslav republics.

In addition, its national unemployment rate is around 16 percent. The COVID pandemic only exacerbated the situation, causing even more economic struggles for people already fighting to get by.

That’s why it can be so challenging for people, including children like Trena*, to obtain their very own Bibles to comfort them during difficult times. But thanks to our generous partners, children just like Trena can now read and keep Bibles of their own.

Trena enjoys reading Scripture, and she explains that she is very influenced by “the conversations with my spiritual Father, who I met thanks to the Bible.”

Trena says, “I learn a lot from the Bible about the love of Christ to the world. From the Bible, I’m learning about real values in life.”

The Bibles provided are changing lives and eternities — just like Trena’s. As she says, “That was my first very own Bible. Thank you. I will pray for you.”

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