“The Bible Helps Me To Know More About God’s Promises For My Life.”

Navigating the world can be difficult for young people in Paraguay — something children like Mathias* have experienced for themselves. Though Mathias is still a young teen, he has already experienced significant worry and grief.

Mathias lost his grandfather and his young aunt during the pandemic, and he was overcome with worry when his grandmother had a heart attack, requiring her to stay in the hospital.

“I’m going through the most difficult time of my life,” Mathias laments. “Everything we are going through is very difficult.”

But through the generosity of our faithful partners, Mathias began listening to the audio Bible with his classmates! He also received his very own Bible with a Bible study resource on overcoming fear.

“The audio Bible helps all of us to understand,” Mathias says. “It helps me to know God through the Bible and, in this way, trust in Jesus.”

He can now find comfort in the stories of the Bible. He says, “The more we listen, the more it leads us to trust God even in the difficult moments or trials that God puts us through. The Bible helps me to know more about Jesus and God’s promises for my life.”

We are so thankful for our partners for providing the next generation with the Bible, so they can build a firm foundation for their lives as they learn to trust and walk with Jesus.

*Names changed for privacy

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